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MS updates and BSOD each time downloaded

  awest3 14:04 15 Oct 2013

I have an XP SP3 machine which until recently was running ok. I downloaded and installed the latest up dates from MS after which I got A BSOD on restart. I could do nothing to retrieve the situation inc using the recovery console( Thanks to the guys on this foruam with help on that). I recovered to a new HDD from a backup I had taken 2 weeks previously.

All seemed ok until the MS updates ran again..back to BSOD, not believing that this could be caused by MS update I ran lots of checks on the hardware inc putting the newly recovered HDD in an old similar PC I had. After initially starting ok I was back to the same BSOD. I recovered the HDD again (4 hours each time) and all was ok until the MS updates ran again..I was now back to square 1. I now recovered the HDD again but this time stopped the auto update process and all has been ok since (24 hours or so). I've run 4 virus checkers against the HDD all have come back negative.

I suppose I have two questions.

Are MS updates known to cause these sort of problems?

How do I find out which update is causing the problem?

  Bris 18:57 15 Oct 2013

BSODS are almost always hardware related either the hardware itself or a corrupt driver. The fact that you have tried the HDD in a similar machine, although not conclusive as its a different machine and therefore not matched to that machine, would suggest that the Windows update has caused corruption to a driver.

This is a puzzle as automatic update doesnt normally update drivers as they are listed as optional.

On the clean HDD boot up and turn off automatic updates this will enable you to install updates individually.

You could try starting up in safe mode as this loads a basic set of drivers so that hopefully you can check which updates have been applied and back them out one at a time.

If this doesnt work you can download updates from the Windows Update Catalogue one at a time and apply them until the problem occurs.

Alternatively apply the latest updates to a machine where they dont cause the problem then you can identify which updates have been applied and then do a web search on the updates ID to see what the update contains and/or download them from the catalogue and apply them one at a time.

  Snrub 21:48 15 Oct 2013

I would do two things. Run Advanced System Care (Free) from In the Toolbox there is a new module which updates drivers on your system, give it free reign and update all which requires a bit of blind faith although there is full back up. Secondly, has a 'fix it' website. There is a'fix it' for preparing the system to run windows updates that have failed. Run this and then follow by running windows updates. Worth a try especially since you have backups. I have tried for months to run a failed update and viewed endless forums for a solution. Fix It sorted it for me.

  awest3 23:42 15 Oct 2013

Thanks for these suggestions. I'll give them a try. Al

  awest3 12:22 28 Oct 2013

Sorry to be late in answering this.

I have tried all the suggested ways of fixing this...even scannow wont work. It reckons that the disk I used to create the system some years ago is invalid.

I've given up (for now) and bought a new desktop for my wife... I'm now envious as she has the new Haswell 4 core chip along with 8GB of memory and a 2 TB HDD. I opted for w7 HE rather than W8.1. Still cant get my head around the changes they made to produce W8.. I'll have to bite the bullet at some time but not for a couple of years..I hope.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I will have another go at it sometime but for now its residing in my garage.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:35 28 Oct 2013

even scannow wont work. It reckons that the disk I used to create the system some years ago is invalid.

That's because its probably an original/ sp1 or SP2 disk Since SP3 has been added you need to slipstream SP3 with the original disk or point scannow to the correct cache on the hard drive.

Have a read here

  awest3 15:14 28 Oct 2013

ok Thanks... WHen I feel up to giving it another shot I'll give this a try

thanks again.

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