MS Update .......near disaster

  cocteau48 01:01 09 Jul 2008

Tonight the MS update site advised me of the following 3 critical updates:
all downloaded and installed successfully and requested the normal reboot.
After rebooting ..... no internet connectivity whatsoever.Even entering in the search bar which should bring up the modem data screen without being connected would not work.
Tried running my ISP's installation disk to regain connectivity .... absolutely zip!
Thanks to Acronis I wound the clock back to todays earlier image and everything was back to normal.
I then tried downloading and installing each one manually which at least creates its own restore point for each install and discovered that the culprit was KB951748 which I have now placed on permanent hold.
Has anyone else been similarly afflicted or got any ideas as to what is going on ... or is it just another booboo from MS?

  ambra4 01:08 09 Jul 2008

Installed the updates here no problem after reboot

  Lettervanman 05:57 09 Jul 2008

They went in on mine with no problem.
Is this the first reboot recently,i leave mine in hibernate and only reboot when needed.

There has been a problem which did cause me grief,related to XP3 and Norton. This caused some computers to loose their connections and also caused the device manager window to be blanc!
Could this be your problem?

  crosstrainer 06:18 09 Jul 2008

Here this morning.

  €dstowe 06:31 09 Jul 2008

Do you have Zone Alarm? Apparently this is a known problem but such is the arrogance of MS (and ZA) they allow their updates to cause the malfunctioning of loads of computers by issuing updates before they are ready. It has happened before and I'm sure it will happen again..

  cocteau48 07:54 09 Jul 2008

Thanks for the contributions guys.It would appear to be an issue with Zonealarm:
click here
From another thread:
click here
I see that Comodo may also be affected.
I shall await developments>

  desi3026 08:08 09 Jul 2008

Hi,apparently lots of users in US/Canada are having probs with this update as well.There are several reports on the Worldstart forum,all reporting loss of connectivity after installing.I think I will hold off on this one for a few days until Ms and ZA have sorted themselves out.
Thanks for the info.

  Laser157 08:21 09 Jul 2008

I uninstalled KB951748 using add and remove programs and all OK. Also changed Windows Update setting to 'notify' to prevent it being reinstalled automatically. Solves problem until Zone Alarm have a fix and leaves the other updates in place.

  rdave13 09:39 09 Jul 2008

Just installed the updates and ok, using Comodo firewall.

  alan2273 10:12 09 Jul 2008

For ZA users.
Changing the Internet Zone firewall slider to "Medium" instead of "High" as a temporary circumvention should restore network access.
Thanks to Pat Willener for this tip.

  musicbassman 10:50 09 Jul 2008

The KB951748 update is the problem here - only if you are using Zone Alarm - I had no internet also after this update. Delete this update or prevent MS automatically updating if this is the problem.

Agree with Edstowe, typical breathtaking stupidity to allow these updates to clash with a widely used program. Never mind, after Vista maybe Microsofts years are numbered now, and my grandchildren will ask "What was a Microsoft,Grandad ?"

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