MS spyware issue

  ACOLYTE 12:57 19 Jul 2005

This program about 20 minutes ago popped up and said there was a new version available to download and would i like to DL it,i clicked yes and installed.After that the PC went haywire Sygate firewall had errors like i dont know what,Dr watson postmortem debuger went crazy and also had errors,my keyboard hot keys wouldnt work,in the end i had to do a system restore to cure it,but on checking the MS spyware
for an update it seems that now there isnt one available so what going on has anyone else had MS popup to say there was an update,and if so did the pc go mad after?.

  ACOLYTE 13:06 19 Jul 2005

I may have a clue as to why this happened but i dont know how MS spyware was involved,my AVG just flagged this as i was typing the first post: Winupdate 32923278[1].exe it flags it as a Trojan horse dropper,apparently this is a windows update file in the system32 folder? and i know for a fact it wasnt there before MS popped up to day there was an update available,so im at a loss and can only think it got there by updating MS,its in the virus vault now anyway.

  dogbreath1 13:11 19 Jul 2005

I've got v 1.0.614 (expires 31/12/05) with definitions dated July 18 2005 (19:55:13) as the latest version. Is that what you have?

  dogbreath1 13:13 19 Jul 2005

Apparently this was released 25 June 05.

  bertiecharlie 13:52 19 Jul 2005

The latest version is 1.0.615 released 18/07/05 click here

Release notes :

Solves an issue with the way Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) displays information about processes running on the PC. Specifically, the solution fixes the display of Running Processes on the System Explorers feature (on the Tools menu, click Advanced Tools, then click System Explorers).

An issue has been solved that prevented some customers from receiving complete anti-spyware signatures in recent weeks.

New anti-spyware signatures

sunny staines post earlier click here

  Jackcoms 14:19 19 Jul 2005

I've un-installed version 1.0.614 and then installed the new version 1.0.615 at about 1:30 today.

I then checked for updated spyware definitions and updates were available.

Other than that, no issues to report.

  J B 16:58 19 Jul 2005

I read about the update in this forum this morning at 10:30 and finished removing the old version & installing the new one at 10:42 with no problems. The definitions work as advertized and the initial scan showed a clean system. One thing though MS said that it would let exsisting customers know that there was a new version out, however I didn't wait for the notification, just went to the website and downloaded the file. J.B.

  rawprawn 18:04 19 Jul 2005

Like Jackcoms no problems here.

  CHAIRLEG 19:51 19 Jul 2005

I get the pop up window to install new version click yes,it downloads and the install window comes at the back of the pop up window and theres no way can i click the install button so i have to cancel.This has happened 3 times so i click no on the pop up window.Looking at Jackcoms post he has uninstalled version 1.0.614 my version is 1.0.509 expires in12 days so a bit confused.

  spuds 20:01 19 Jul 2005

I also had pop-up for new version. I had already installed the latest version, so I ignored the pop-up. I seem to be having many problems with this second version beta programme, to the point that I am considering uninstalling it from my system. It as given me negative readings on every scan, when other spyware that I use seems to pick up many unwanted invaders.

  ACOLYTE 01:00 20 Jul 2005

My version now is version 1.0.614/5735 defenitions file but the popup was for version 1.0.615 after i installed this the pc whent crazy so i had to do a sytem restore to fix it.Now when i check for an update with version 1.0.614 i am told there isnt one available?,so why the popup in the first place.

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