MS Security Essentials Automatic Scanning

  highlands 20:16 28 May 2011

I am running MS Security Essentials vers 2 on Win XP/SP3 and Win7, replacing AVG Free and Defender. It's an excellent applicaion, light on resources and very fast scans.

I've set up auto scans once per week. This works well if PC is on at this time, BUT if PC is not on it does not start scan when PC next powered on as I expect. I have UNTICKED "Start the scheduled scan only if PC is on but not in use" but to no effect.

How do I get scan to start automatically when PC is next on?

What purpose does the box I unticked do if not to allow the power up scan.

Also, can anyone confirm that MSE gives realtime protection for Worms, trojans, and Rootkits as well as viruses and adware?

  birdface 22:54 28 May 2011

MSE is sort of rated as not to good or not to bad it is a middle range Anti-virus program there are better freebies about.

With any anti-virus program or security suite you need a good anti-malware program to back it up.

Malwarebytes.Superantiapyware or Emisoft are three of the best so any 1 or 2 of those with MSE should do.

  rdave13 23:16 28 May 2011

MSE is poor. Forget scheduled scans. If you happen not to use your PC for a few days then MSE sits in your notification bar showing red. Leave it for 1 hour and it's stil a nice shade of '''um''' rose petal red colour; I can only describe it as. Manual update only choice. Not good if a paid for version and diabolical as a freebie.

In my humble opinion; of course.

  highlands 13:22 29 May 2011

Thanks for the responses. I24 provided a link to (Information on what MSE protects against) and when the "System Scanning feature" is expanded it says ....

"You can choose when you want a scheduled scan to run, view the scan results before cleaning, or run a scan on demand. If a PC is not “awake” when the scan is scheduled to run, Microsoft Security Essentials will start the scan at the first opportunity once the PC is awake and idle".

It is this latter part does not seem to work. It is unlikely that MS would require its majority non techy savvy users to become involved with setting up Task Scheduler, creating batch jobs, or getting into registry updating (and presumably the write-up would say so if this was a requirement).

Any further suggestions welcomed.

Ref buteman and rdave13 responses ... vers 1 had very poor reviews but vers 2 reviews are good. In addition to MSE, I do use freebie version of Malwarebytes with regular manual initiation of updates and scans.

  birdface 19:44 29 May 2011

[What purpose does the box I unticked do if not to allow the power up scan.]

It will scan when the computer is on but not in use if it is ticked.

Well at least that is what I think it means.

As you have it set to only scan once a week maybe best just running it manually. And a quick scan 5 days a week and a full scan twice a week.

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