MS Security Essentials

  iscanut 16:12 21 Nov 2010

Am running this at present. Is it just a malaware program or does it also do the job of an anti virus program as well ? Do I need another AV program in addition ?

  rdave13 16:30 21 Nov 2010

It runs AV and anti malware. So you shouldn't run another AV with it.
My personal experience of mse is that it is adequate but lacking.
Depends on how you surf the net.

  cocteau48 16:31 21 Nov 2010

MSE is an AV program (and a very good one at that).... you do not require another one.

  birdface 17:16 21 Nov 2010

Remember to download a good Anti-Malware program for back up.

  rdave13 17:17 21 Nov 2010

I'll agree to disagree.

  rawprawn 17:38 21 Nov 2010

I agree with rdave13, I tried it and found it lacking, I now run Kaspersky Security Suite 2011 free if you bank with Barclays Online.

  onthelimit 18:07 21 Nov 2010

Ill agree to agree to disagree - MSE has worked well for me!

Rawprawn, it would be interesting to know in what area you found it lacking?

  rdave13 18:19 21 Nov 2010

MSE isn't as quick as AVAST to spot bad scripts on a web page, Google lists included. Can't run a scan before Windows loads and is a tad dire at checking cookies. I agree it's the best effort Microsoft have come up with but not good enough for me.

  mooly 18:44 21 Nov 2010

Have to chip in here and say MSE has been excellent for me too... it has detected a couple of problems in the last 12 months for me as I clicked on things. Not what you would expect to be dodgy sites either.

As many know my strategy is to keep daily backups so that if anything happens I just go back 24 hours. My reasoning is that even when a virus etc is removed, I believe (from what I have read) that registry keys can remain altered and compromised causing problem in future.

But back to MSE... it's been great and 100% trouble free. I think cookies are a bit of a non issue tbh... do a proper disk clean and they are gone. The last 12 months have been the least problematic of any for me with Vista, just using MSE and only Windows tools for housekeeping.

  rdave13 19:04 21 Nov 2010

A proper disc clean. Well Ccleaner fails there. MSE certainly fails.
Run SAS to see what adaware cookies are on your PC, some are Java based, if you have SAS that is.
I'm certainly glad you've had 100% trouble free surfing.

  birdface 19:27 21 Nov 2010

Not sure about Rawprawns reply will be but I downloaded MSE on my sons computer about 10 days ago as he was having problems.
It found no problems so downloaded Malwarebytes to try that and it found 85 objects including a number of Trojans and Malware.
I have used MSE on my own computer and it was just like running Windows Defender never found a thing.
I don't think I will use it on my computer again it may be free but I have my doubts about it's ability.

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