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  [DELETED] 11:41 28 Sep 2003

Recently recieved an e-mail apparently from Microsoft with an attachment to protect against the latest viruses. Whilst it looked genuine when I tried to install the attachment I got the message

"Authenticode signature not found"

Surely Windows should recognise a Microsoft update. I did email Microsoft without response.

Anyone else experienced this?

  [DELETED] 11:42 28 Sep 2003

It is a virus - delete it.

MS do not e-mail individuals about security updates.

  [DELETED] 11:43 28 Sep 2003

Oh, I see you've installed it. Scan for viruses and/or run Stinger click here

  [DELETED] 12:03 28 Sep 2003

Never open an email attachment unless you are expecting it or are sure of where it originated and trust the source.

  [DELETED] 12:44 28 Sep 2003

Thanks for your responses guys.

Actually I didn't install it because of the 'authenticode signature' warning.

However it did look quite genuine, with various links to Microsoft website. It is disapointing that Microsoft didn't ses fit to respond to my e-mail.

  [DELETED] 12:49 28 Sep 2003

"It is disapointing that Microsoft didn't ses fit to respond to my e-mail."

With the billions of people receiving messages of this type, I'm not entirely suprised.

What does surprise me is the lack of media publicity in this particular outbreak of lawlessness.

  [DELETED] 12:56 28 Sep 2003

those people that know enough to check. It seems that not enough are checking and it is probably time that awareness was raised about the issue...the question is how ???

MS have info posted on their website and it would be inpractibable for them to email every installation of one of their OS products to make them aware of this scam..even if they did have the addresses...

Perhaps the computer press could do some articles in their next issues (would that come out in the December issue ??)

  [DELETED] 14:24 28 Sep 2003

Yeah, I now note that the if I follow the link from the e-mail to the Microsoft site there is a warning there - with an illustration of the e-mail I have recieved.

I agree with Pops that it is unfortunate that there has been more media attention. In fact I have not seen any warnings in the regular e-mails I recieve from my various ISPs.

  [DELETED] 14:28 28 Sep 2003

There have been quite a few posts about it on here though !!

  [DELETED] 14:34 28 Sep 2003

I was thinking more on the lines of part of the television news bulletins - just a minute or so - being given over to it. My own view is that the media moguls are afraid that there is or will be "virus fatigue" - or just plain boredom amongst viewers - with this coming so soon after the Blaster virus.

  [DELETED] 19:05 28 Sep 2003

I think -pops- has hit it on the head, too much worry over the 'safe friendly systems' that are being sold would be a turn off for consumers. Another factor is cost...anything that MS generated would cost money and as long as the prob stays on a users desktop then MS really don't care. Recent worms threatened to bring prob to MS doorstep so awareness was raised - any NTL customers ever recall virus warnings & cures being advertised proactively before ???

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