MS recovery tool virus

  jason.p 09:08 30 Apr 2011

I've just had this "malware" removed from my laptop at great expense. Asking around there seem to be a lot of people who have suffered this type of adware attack. It seems to have slipped under the guard of Microsoft essentials and Malwarebytes. As I've no idea how it got in, how can I avoid it in the future? Thanks in advance.

  birdface 09:37 30 Apr 2011

[how can I avoid it in the future]Maybe pay for one of the Pro versions of a good Anti-Malware program.They give you full time protection and less chance of picking up an infection. MalwareBytes is a one of payment I believe. I use Emisoft Anti Malware which I think is great but others may not agree.Or there is Superantispyware or new kid on the block Hitman Pro.No use using the free versions as they do not give you full time protection. I opened a post yesterday on here giving the pay for version of Mabutu free until tomorrow.So maybe try that if funds are a bit low.

  birdface 09:39 30 Apr 2011

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  robin_x 11:52 30 Apr 2011

Probably you got it by clicking an apparently genuine pop-up.

Could be Windows or any other common application warning. Make a note of what it is saying though. If it is genuine, you can go and implement it manually later by another route.

The best thing to do when you are not expecting a pop-up is to click nothing on the box. Do not click the background, Close, Stop, Don't Agree, OK etc. Keep your mouse away from the box in case you accidently click it. Close your browser tab to be sure it is not in the browser page and start Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del). End the suspect Application or Right Click and Goto process and end that.

If you have problems, post here. They are all fixable with a bit of advice.

Did you have MS Removal Tool or Windows Recovery? bleepingcomputer have guides for all these. Just Google the exact name of the malware with bleepingcomputer.


MS Removal Tool removal

Windows Recovery removal

  onthelimit1 12:17 30 Apr 2011

I've had to clean this virus from numerous PCs which had a whole variety of free and paid-for antivirus software. Does seem to be able to get rid of them.

You say 'at great expense'. I charge £30, so if you apid much more than that, they saw you coming - it only takes a few minutes to get rid of when you know how

  onthelimit1 12:53 30 Apr 2011

"Does seem to be able to get rid of them"

I meant - "does seem to be able to get past them".

  jason.p 15:46 30 Apr 2011

Thanks for replies. Yes it was "MS removal tool" and it cost me £50! A mate of mine was charged £90!!! Won't be doing that again! I've downloaded and installed the 30day trial Mabutu, (thanks Buteman).

  onthelimit1 18:08 30 Apr 2011

jason. If it happens again, do look at the Bleeping Computer guides - they usually sort these pests out.

P.S. I think I'll have to increase my charges!

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