MS recommend downloading a Driver. Should I ?

  timothywilliam 19:59 23 Feb 2003

In the latest Windows XP Update I see MS recommend downloading a Driver named Microsoft Processor Drive Version 5.1.2600.1152 which is 31 KB.
There is no explaination as to what this is, and I have no idea whether it is a good idea to download for my computer or not. Should I download it ?

  MAJ 20:10 23 Feb 2003

It seems to be okay to download it. click here

  bremner 20:10 23 Feb 2003

Searching the MSKB for Microsoft Processor Drive Version 5.1.2600.1152 gave this answer.

"Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) offers PowerNow! technology on AMD mobile Athlon 4 and mobile Duron processors. The PowerNow! technology adjusts the processor's performance and power consumption by dynamically adjusting the processor's operating frequency and voltage. Windows XP requires an additional driver (the Amdk7.sys driver) to enable the AMD PowerNow! functionality. Laptop computers that are based on these mobile AMD processors and are shipped with Windows XP installed by the manufacturer are likely to have this driver already installed. If you reinstall Windows XP, you must also install the Amdk7.sys driver to use the PowerNow! technology."

So I assume it is an updated version of this driver.

  -pops- 20:14 23 Feb 2003

I have the same message.

Having had some less than satisfactory driver downloads from M$ updates (Epson printer drivers and a Zip drive driver) I am steering well clear. My CPU is operating perfectly well as it is and I'm not going to let one of Bill Gates' whims mess it up.


  Stuartli 20:51 23 Feb 2003

Microsoft is probably offering AMD's own driver as a service - it does it for manufacturers on numerous occasions.

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