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  pj123 20:57 04 Apr 2005

I have done a brochure for a friend for his holiday home.

The main picture is of the front of the house but he has now had new windows and doors installed and has taken another picture.

He has also taken more pictures of the inside of the house and the views that can be seen from the house.

I am trying to update the brochure to include some of these pictures. He has emailed me 24 jpegs of which I can choose a couple but the main one (the front of the house must be included.)

Out of the 24 pictures I can insert 23 of them into the brochure with no problem but the one I need to insert (front of house) will not insert.

All I get is "Publisher cannot convert this picture. This is either because Publisher doesn't recognise the format of the picture you want to add or there was an error loading a graphic converter.

Publisher has graphics converters that enable it to recognise most picture formats. Some of these converters may be missing."

It is a .jpg file exactly the same as the other 23 files which insert with no problem.

  mattyc_92 21:21 04 Apr 2005

I could be damaged..... Try opening it in a graphics program, e.g. paint, and save a copy of it.... Then try to insert the picture again...

  wiz-king 21:29 04 Apr 2005

If he had the file open when it was sent to you the internal header of the jpeg may not have the right coding, just ask for it again but fron a closed file ie one that is not in an open window.

  pj123 21:31 04 Apr 2005

Already done that. It opens perfectly in PSP, Irfanview, Paint or any other image editing programme. Have resaved it under different names 4 times but still get the same result in MS Publisher.

I have asked him to send it to me again but can't do very much about it at the moment as he is now on holiday for two weeks.

  GaT7 21:45 04 Apr 2005

A few MS K'base links that may be helpful(?): click here, click here,
click here,
click here, click here.

Other things to try:

- Converting to another image format & inserting.

- Repair MS Office & reboot. G

  GaT7 21:55 04 Apr 2005

Another suggestion taken from a forum:

"Your filters may not have been overwritten or they maybe corrupt. Relocate the filter folder (it could be okay, so don't delete it, just put it somewhere else temporarily), drag the filter folder over from the CD. The filters are in a folder similar to this:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Grphflt".

It was the last suggestion - the original poster didn't get back - so it may have worked(?)

The 4th link (see my previous post) was suggested by a MS MVP for a similar problem (click here - again the original poster didn't get back!) G

  mattyc_92 22:48 04 Apr 2005

the only thing that I could suggest at the moment would be to try "BadCopy Pro" from click here and try to recover the file with it... Then try again....

Sorry I can't be much help....

  GaT7 19:09 06 Apr 2005

Any progress pj123? G

  pj123 19:18 06 Apr 2005

Not at the moment Crossbow7, trying all the options. Will keep all informed.

  pj123 12:02 07 Apr 2005

Have an interim result. All the other .jpg photo's have been inserted with no problem. The "rogue" photo had to be converted to a .gif, which means, of course, a maximum of 256 colours. But as it is only small it doesn't seem to be a problem. Can't see any difference between that and the jpg's.

Will tick as resolved.

Thanks for the all help/suggestions, Guys.

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