MS Outlook Express to Outlook file transfer

  [DELETED] 14:47 03 Oct 2003

I've just bought a new laptop and I'm trying to copy all my old "MS Outlook Express" emails across to the new machine where I've set up "MS Outlook".

I can find and copy the old outlook express inbox & outbox folders but having copied them to a temp file on the new laptop I cant open them? Do I have to set up Outlook on the old machine import the express files and then transfer the converted files to the new machine?

The old machine runs win98se with MS Outlook Express. The new machine is running Win XP pro and Outlook.

Any ideas/solutions?

  goffer23 16:18 03 Oct 2003

I bought a new PC myself recently,and was faced with the same problem.
I put my old HDD into the new machine and then imported the Outlook Express files into Outlook - worked OK - contacts, messages etc.
This is also useful for dealing with attachments that Outlook doesn't like opening.
I realise you are in a slightly different situation, but if you copy your Outlook Express data into you new machine first, you should be OK.

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