MS Outlook email problem

  [DELETED] 16:35 24 Jun 2006

I am using MS outlook (2003, NOT express). There seems to be an email stuck in it's mind (not in the outbox). If I construct a message and save it in the outbox and attempt to send it it w'ont and reports a send error. If I construct another message so there are 2 in the outbox it will send the 2nd one but stil report an error for the remaining. Anyone have a clue how to deal with this?

Thanks Barleytwist

  Diodorus Siculus 17:07 24 Jun 2006

Delete a Message Stuck in the Outbox
click here

Microsoft Office Assistance: Delete a message stuck in the Outbox
click here

Microsoft Office Assistance: When I send an e-mail message, it doesn't leave my Outbox
click here

  Taff™ 06:41 26 Jun 2006

I have come across this several times and the second link provided by Diodorus describes it pretty well. If you or a program looks at the outbox the message won`t send. Program add in`s that cause this are for example Norton Anti-Virus and ACT both provided by Symantec of course.

A quick work around is to move the e-mail to drafts. open it from there and then send it again. Then do a send/receive without checking the outbox. A bit of a pain really but I haven`t found a morepermanent solution that works every time. Getting rid of Norton seems to work!

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