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  mike1967 18:50 14 May 2006

Anyone know how to get MS Outlook to download emails from a networked machine.
The PC i want to download them to is connected to the internet via the main pc in the house, everything on it works ok except my daughter can't download her emails
Also for some reason the lastest MS Update which is for MS Outlook won't install

  mike1967 22:06 14 May 2006


  bemuzed 22:15 14 May 2006

What do you mean by " a networked machine". I've only come across using Outlook to download from an Exchange server or from my meial internet Service Provider.

  mike1967 22:33 14 May 2006

The second pc in the house used the main one to connect to the internet. My daughter wants to download here emails onto that pc using outlook. Is it possible?

  Taff™ 23:10 14 May 2006

So she hasn`t used that machine before? In which case you need to manually set it up. You need her ISP`s pop3 (Incoming) server details and your isp`s smtp (outgoing) server details if she wants to send from this machine.Plus of course her user name and ID.

If this is a temporary arrangement I suggest that she ticks the advanced option to "save a copy on the server" - then she can download the full set of messages on her primary machine.

  mike1967 00:31 15 May 2006

No sorry it has been used before but now it isnt working

  Taff™ 06:42 15 May 2006

If you are using Outlook in preference to Outlook Express and the account is still there under Tools>e-mail accounts it should be easy to determine what the problem is. First get the machine connected to the internet.

Go to "view or change e-mail accounts" and highlight the previous account by clicking on it then select change. Make a note of the settings just in case. Now select Test Account settings and make a note of the errors - they will give you a clue as to what`s wrong.

If you are using Outlook Express, again make a note of the existing settings (You can`t test the settings)and check them against those provided by your ISP`s. Post back and someone will advise you - let us know who the respective ISP`s are at the same time.

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