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MS Outlook 2019 not receiving emails

  awest3 16:20 06 Feb 2020

HI, I use office 2019 outlook. All ok for 6 months or more. Yesterday I got a request for the password (I have them written down so I know its correct). It seems that its just the receive element which has a problem the send works ok as do another account I have set up. Whilst initially I could use my iPad/iPhone (using same password) these are now failing again with a verification issue (incorrect id or password). I can logon to the account online (its a sky/Yahoo account) with no issues. I've changed the password via the online account and updated the iPhone/iPad to reflect this but to no avail. I've tried a few online suggestions but have not had any success.....If anyone has any ideas they will be gratefully accepted. Thanks Al

  wee eddie 17:40 07 Feb 2020

For me, it is just one of those boring facts of life.

I have spent hours, in the past, trying to solve it but, if the problem is on Yahoo's eMail Server, there's nowt one can do.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:39 07 Feb 2020

Chaps, I've solved Al's Sky email problem.

If you two want your BT mail problem sorted then stop confusing everyone with your irrelevant comments and start another thread.

  wee eddie 20:09 07 Feb 2020

SS: I followed your link.

Forgive me for missing something, all I found was a load of folk asking the same question. I must have missed the answer

  Entertainment 05:26 08 Feb 2020

  awest3 10:24 10 Feb 2020

Amazing! a few days after using SS's solution for my desktop the same thing happened on my wife's desktop. I was able to fix this in about 10 mins using SS's solution. Thanks again. Al

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