MS Office wants me to re-install it

  ianpryce 15:37 18 Nov 2009

MS Office 2003 running on my XP SP3 Dell workstation, displays an error message each time I try to run any MS Office application. It wants me to continue with an install and eventually gets to a point where it asks me to identify the location of the installation CD.

I can cancel out of it but this can take up to ten goes before it gets the message.

Once clear of these installation messages, the application runs fine.

This workstation is around four years old, and apart from routine updates has been running trhe same installation of Office from new with none of these problems.

Clues please? I don't want to go back to the original CD installation because I will lose all of the routine updates that have downloaed over the years.

Thank you

  Graphicool1 15:52 18 Nov 2009

Can you tell us the actual wording of the Error Message and how you know it wants you to reinstall it. You may have just lost a file and it needs the CD to retrieve it?

  Clapton is God 16:20 18 Nov 2009

As Graphicool1 says, Office may just be looking for a 'lost' file.

Try opening Word (or another Office application), click on Help and then Detect and Repair. Let it do whatever it needs to do, but have the original CD handy in case of need.

  ianpryce 22:22 19 Nov 2009

I should have said it jumps straight into the Windows Installer Routine and from there into an automatic install, which crahses because it can't find 'A required installation file could not be found' and offers me a browse option to look for the file. This whole cycle happens about three or four times before the application finally opens and runs just fine.

  AlanHo 22:54 19 Nov 2009

If you Google for 'A required installation file could not be found' - you will get a suggested remedy.

I didn't post the URL because it is too long and I am not sure how to use tiny whateveritis.

  AlanHo 22:59 19 Nov 2009

Further to my earlier post - this is one of several suggestions found via Google....

1. Click on start==>run==>type "excel /s" without quotations and click

2. Once Excel is up in safe mode with the error message in front, hold down ctrl+Alt+Delete keys on your keyboard to bring the task manager up.

3. Click on the processes tab==>look for msiexec.exe (only the one next to your user name), click on it and end the process.

4. Excel should be running without an error message now==>close Excel in safe mode==>reopen it one more time in safe mode to check if it is
opening with no error message.

5. Close Excel /s and open Excel normally, it should work fine.

Google is your friend...............

  lotvic 23:03 19 Nov 2009

you just paste the long url into the box on tinyurl click here and click on 'make tiny'then copy and paste the resulting tinyurl on the forum in your reply

  AlanHo 00:25 20 Nov 2009

Thanks for the explanation - easy when you know how eh......

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