MS Office on two Computers

  Jackcoms 18:27 15 Mar 2005

I have an existing copy of MS Office XP Small Business Edition loaded on this PC.

I will shortly be buying a new laptop for my daughter who starts Uni in September.

Rather than spending money to buy another copy of Office for the laptop, can I LEGALLY load my existing copy onto the laptop?

  mattyc_92 18:40 15 Mar 2005

Yes, but you have to uninstall it from the other drive (the license is for one system only)...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 15 Mar 2005

The rule is something like 1 copy per PC.

i.e. remove from desktop then ok to load on laptop.

Unless you have a corporate license then ok to load on several PCs.

  Jackcoms 18:43 15 Mar 2005

OK. Thanks. You've answered my question.

I'll have to buy a copy for the laptop.

This PC would be pretty pointless without Office on it! ;-)

  Jackcoms 18:45 15 Mar 2005

Thanks, also. Your response is the same as mattyc_92.

  Jackcoms 19:10 15 Mar 2005

Um, visions of 'phoning daughter at Uni:

Me - "Hallo, are you using your laptop?".

Daughter - "Yes dad".

Me - "How long will you be?"

Daughter - "How long is a piece of string?

And that's her polite response.

Yep, definitely a separate copy of Office for the laptop.

  Jackcoms 19:17 15 Mar 2005

Fully understand. I must have a word with Bill G. ;-)

  Forum Editor 19:20 15 Mar 2005

to install the software on both your PC and your laptop, as has already been stated. However, the laptop must be a machine that is owned and used by the same person who uses the PC, and that - as ßéLâ advises, would not be the case here.

I see from your phone-call scenario that your daughter must know both of mine.

  Jackcoms 19:28 15 Mar 2005

So, if I am the purchaser and, thus, the 'owner' of the laptop - albeit that it will be used almost exclusively by my daughter at Uni - can I legally load my existing copy of Office onto the laptop?

  Djohn 19:28 15 Mar 2005

with Office 2003 [Or Office 11 as its known] this has been expanded to three PC's, desktop,laptop or any combination of the three and can be used at the same time but must be close members of the same family living at the same address.

I think that you would not get a knock on the door if your son/daughter was staying at uni. as long as her home address is still the same as yours.

  Djohn 19:34 15 Mar 2005

Only with Office 2003 would this apply. Other versions are as FE states. 1 desktop, 1 laptop owned by the same person and used by the same person but not at the same time.

If you have a desktop and laptop in your home that belongs to you then you may install Office to both of them, I don't think for one moment you will get into trouble for it, there is no way of checking, but to stay within the EULA you should use only one machine at a time.

Office 2003 is now 3 machines of any combination.

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