MS Office not genuine?

  collinsc 14:34 24 Jan 2010


I have had office installed on my laptop since purchase a few years ago - all of a sudden when i just opened Word it said "this copy of MS Office is not genuine".
Can anyone advise why this is, and how i can correct?


  canarieslover 14:43 24 Jan 2010

It's to do with Office Genuine Advantage update. I had the same problem with my Office 2003 a couple of months ago and in the end I had to resort to removing the OGA update as removing and re-installing Office from the original disks did not correct the problem. These are the instructions that I used to remove it. click here

  collinsc 15:07 24 Jan 2010

thanks very much

  canarieslover 15:30 24 Jan 2010

I have Windows advise me of updates before downloading and installing. I now do not download Office Genuine Advantage updates. Once bitten, twice shy, as they say!!

  legalrep 16:09 24 Jan 2010

Had the same with office 2007 pro, I have a genuine copy but still got the message! Simply uninstalled the update and things have been fine since. No idea why it reports my office as not genuine and nor does any one else seem to be able to explain it! Have posted on more than one occasion with no satisfactory explanation!

  collinsc 16:36 24 Jan 2010

how can i identify which update it was part of?
i assume it is then a case of going to 'unistall programs' and simply uninstalling?

  gengiscant 16:56 24 Jan 2010

The annoying update is:
Office Genuine Advantage Notification (KB949810)

  legalrep 16:57 24 Jan 2010

collinsc you need to uninstall update KB949810

  collinsc 18:46 24 Jan 2010

great thanks

  collinsc 18:49 24 Jan 2010

hmmm thats not showing in my 'uninstall programs' list...

  collinsc 17:05 25 Jan 2010

any ideas? thanks

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