MS Office ... Newer Versions ( 2003 / 2007 )

  L_Driver 20:20 01 Mar 2007

General query. Do the newer versions of Office ie 2003 + 2007 require product activation ? If the answer is yes, I take it they can only be installed on 1 system ? If you have a Desktop and a Laptop you are in trouble. Plus, if you obtain a new PC I take it that you cannot uninstall on your old system and re-activate on new ? This seems a right scam ( if it is the case )! Is there any way round it ??? Any comments welcome.

  Jackcoms 20:23 01 Mar 2007

Yes, they require activation and your 'licence' allows you to install on 1 desktop and 1 laptop.

  Kate B 20:24 01 Mar 2007

Yes, they require activation. Dunno about the laptop/desktop thing, worth checking with Microsoft. And no, if you've had an OEM version on your old machine that dies with the old machine. But if you had a full version and take it off the old machine you could ring Microsoft and tell them that you want to transfer the licence to your new machine and they will give you a new activation code.

What's a "right scam" about any of that?

  L_Driver 10:22 02 Mar 2007

Fine and good but the phrase "you could ring Microsoft ... etc etc" is NOT as reassuring as for example "you CAN ring ... etc etc". Has anyone out there re-installed Office ( 2003/2007) to a new replacement system and what was your experience of doing so ?

  L_Driver 14:18 04 Mar 2007


  Kate B 15:29 04 Mar 2007

Why don't you just ring them and find out? I believe they're pretty good about activation codes if they're sure you have taken a full version off an old machine.

  PaulB2005 16:00 04 Mar 2007

Also the Home and Home Office version of Office 2007 can be used on 3 machines.

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