Ms Office Access licence problem

  kimig1 15:44 24 Feb 2006

After a bad crash needing a format, I reinstalled my old faithful Office 97, Although word and excel are perfectly okay, Access refuses to start because it says "there is no licence for Access on this machine, even though I have a genuine copy and have input the correct cd key? Any ideas, please?

  [DELETED] 16:05 24 Feb 2006
  keith-236785 19:33 24 Feb 2006

try this (even though a format should have taken care of it anyway), Uninstall office97

put the office 97 cd in and cancel the autorun (if it does). open the cd (right click and open, not double click) and browse for a file called "Offcln9). once you find it, double click it this will remove ALL traces of office from your system. reboot your pc and try to install office97 again, all should go to plan this time.

good luck

ps for anyone else who might find this helpful, in office 2000 the file is Offcln10, and officexp (2002) is Offcln11. dont know about office2003 version as i havent got it but a search for offcln in the office cd should find it.

  The Spires 20:25 24 Feb 2006

click here;en-us;141373&Product=acc97

  The Spires 20:25 24 Feb 2006

http: //;en-us;141373&Product=acc97

  kimig1 06:07 25 Feb 2006

Thanks to all who replied. The Microsoft solution worked: though I really can't fathom how changing a font can produce a valid licence..... The Ways Of Bill are strange indeed!

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