MS Office 2016 upgrade Trepidations

  benosc 13:37 04 Feb 2019

Hi I am currently still using Office pro 2003 and it is serving me well.

However the time has come to upgrade and I need to make sure that I can still read my 2003 files I have therefore decided to go for Office 2016 and have been looking for a good deal.

I have seen a few sites offering to sell "a genuine Microsoft key" which will then allow me to download the full software. Presumably from Microsoft themselves This seems to be a very reasonable price for around £20/30 but is it Kosha

How does it work -

1) Do I pay my money and download a software key which allows me access to Microsoft site to enable me to download the full software. 2) Once downloaded, is it mine to keep, will I be able to get updates on it from Microsoft 3) Do I have to pay a subscription or what. 4) Is it like as if I bought the discs as in the past and am able to transfer to another computer as I will be doing when my new one is delivered.

I have tried to contact a couple of these companies but have had no reply from them!! The KeyFactory is one of the suppliers.

Can anyone help please.

  Pine Man 14:05 04 Feb 2019

This seems to be a very reasonable price for around £20/30 but is it Kosha

Almost certainly not.

Have a look at genuine retailers then wonder why you are being offered the same product at a fraction of the true cost.

  Bris 15:19 04 Feb 2019

99.9% of office users dont really need it.

Why pay for office when you can get Libre Office for free.

As it will cost you nothing why not try downloadinmg it and giving it a try you cant really lose.

  Pine Man 15:36 04 Feb 2019

99.9% of office users dont really need it.

1.2 billion users world wide would disagree with you.

  Bris 15:40 04 Feb 2019

I used to design and run in house MS Office courses and I can assure you most people dont need it.

  Pine Man 15:45 04 Feb 2019

Read my response above - they don't believe you;-)

  Bris 15:47 04 Feb 2019

Just goes to show how good MS marketing machine is.

If you have not tried Libre Office then give it a go. You will be pleasantly surpised.

  benosc 15:57 04 Feb 2019

Children - give it a rest - decide to differ like grown ups.

But thanks for your input anyway.

  Pine Man 16:38 04 Feb 2019

Good luck with whatever you do.

  Menzie 16:43 04 Feb 2019

As said some of the sites offering MS Office heavily discounted may not have the most reputable sellers. You'll find that some sites (don't know if I could name them here so I won't currently) offer a protection scheme where if an issue arises with a key from a seller you get your money back.

As for why the keys are so cheap; Microsoft like many global corporations have different regions with different pricing and procedures in place.

For instance they won't charge the same for Windows or Office in parts of Asia versus Britain.

Some sellers in such regions are able to buy the keys in bulk and sell them online. They'll activate just fine from anywhere in the world.

It's currently a grey area legally speaking but currently not illegal.

  benosc 16:58 04 Feb 2019

Thanks Mezie

I found FastSoftware who say they are a Microsoft partner and give their partner number as well so it will be interesting to get a reply to my email

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