MS Office 2010 Beta problem

  gtscot 11:32 21 Nov 2009

I have just installed the MS office 2010 beta and it all works fine apart from one pop up which appears on all modules whenever I try to type something in it says :
Your autocorrect file c:\users\home\appdata\roaming\microsof\toffice\ could not be saved a file may be read only or you do not have permission to modify the file.

Has anyone come across this and how do I get rid of the pop up.
I am running Win 7 64bit and have downloaded the 64bit beta of office 2010


  ol blueeyes 13:27 21 Nov 2009

Well I'm running the 64bit Windows 7 and 32bit Office 2010 Beta (don't know why I did Download the 64bit, habit I suppose New Computer) Anyway I'm not getting your problem. infact all seems fine. What do you think of Office 2010. With me so far so tgood, but must say it's different.
I do like outlook especially.

  ol blueeyes 13:28 21 Nov 2009

Sorry meant didn't Download the 64bit

  ol blueeyes 14:35 21 Nov 2009

Same problem in this as in 2007 Office double line spacing have you got over it yet if so can you tell me how please. ?

  gtscot 11:27 22 Nov 2009

I have not had double line spacing problems but on the help site it states go to home tab and select styles then
Line spacing options
Single This option accommodates the largest font (font: A graphic design applied to all numerals, symbols, and alphabetic characters. Also called type or typeface. Arial and Courier New are examples of fonts. Fonts usually come in different sizes, such as 10 point, and various styles, such as bold.) in that line, plus a small amount of extra space. The amount of extra space varies depending on the font that is used.
1.5 lines This option is one-and-one-half times that of single line spacing.
Double This option is twice that of single line spacing.
At least This option sets the minimum line spacing that is needed to fit the largest font or graphic on the line.
Exactly This option sets fixed line spacing, expressed in points. For example, if the text is in a 10-point font, you can specify 12 points as the line spacing.
Multiple This option sets line spacing that can be expressed in numbers greater than 1. For example, setting line spacing to 1.15 will increase the space by 15 percent, and setting line spacing to 3 increases the space by 300 percent (triple spacing).
Note If a line contains a large text character, graphic, or formula, Word increases the spacing for that line. To space all lines evenly within a paragraph, use exact spacing and specify an amount of space that is large enough to fit the largest character or graphic in the line. If items appear cut off, increase the amount of spacing.

  ol blueeyes 20:17 22 Nov 2009

Thanks for that, Have now uninstalled the 32-bit and Downloaded the 64-bit and installed it. So far have not come across any operating problems.

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