MS Office 2007 - Word - Envelope Printing

  TonyV 14:20 22 Jul 2011

Using Win 7, and Word 2007, How does one get a C5 envelope to print with the Mailing Address situated in the middle of the envelope. It is so simple in OOo, but I suggest damn near impossible in Word. I can get the Return address sorted, but to get the position of the mailing address sorted I find impossible. It ends up about ¾" from the bottom of the envelope. Equally so, when looking at the Options, It tells me that the Settings have been changed from the Word Norm, and to press the Reset button to go back to the Word Norm. When I do that it tells me to have the envelope situated in the middle of the Paper tray and Face up. This you cannot do, because there is no central setting on my Printer, HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One, and if you use Face Up, it will print on the back of the envelope!!



  woodchip 14:43 22 Jul 2011

No Idea if it works anything like my Corel Wordperfect 8

I type letter with address at the top, then under format I just press Envelope It picks the address up and plonks it on the Envelope, I then just have to adjust where I want to place it. I put Return address top left corner of Envelope about 1 8th of a inch in from top and right side using a small font. this is on a DL Envelope but its just the same for any other size. Worst thing for me is getting it in the right orientation in printer. I have three Printer and they all differ when loading Envelopes

  TonyV 14:44 22 Jul 2011

I think I may have partially solved the problem. It seems that if I go through the Options cycle and instead of pressing on the Font button which brings up Font changes, change the position instead of relying on the Auto settings! What it means is that I have to remember what distances I use and plug those in each and every time. Something about "What a way to run a battleship!!" I can't find a way of saving the position I want it to be for a particular envelope size, unless someone can tell me differently.


  woodchip 14:44 22 Jul 2011

In My Software it gives ruler sizes on where to put the address

  woodchip 14:47 22 Jul 2011

Yep you should also be able to save your settings, Looks like you need to get software that does what its supposed to do. Without having to wade through water to get to it

  Woolwell 14:48 22 Jul 2011

In Word 2007 - on the Mailings tab click on Envelopes (far left of ribbon) In the window that opens click on options select C5 and then for delivery address choose about 8 cm from left and 8 cm from top. This should work for a single mailing. I have set up a word template the size of an envelope and set up exactly where I want the address and font, etc. You then choose the right paper size in your printer. Nowadays I use labels as it is easier.

  Nontek 14:48 22 Jul 2011

This might help ...

  Ventad 14:53 22 Jul 2011

Go to mailings/envelopes/click preview/envelope options/choose envelope size/click from left and keep your click down until address gets into centre/ same for from printing options click which one your printer will do (where envelope is shown)and click button face up or down.Ignore reset this could be wrong setting for printer and click OK

  Ventad 14:54 22 Jul 2011

looks like my fingers are a little slow

  TonyV 15:06 22 Jul 2011

Thanks all. I seem to have come upon the answer by default rather than by good judgement. It is just a pity I can't save it unless I use a template to do it. Simplicity doesn't seem to be a Microsoft trait!

I'll close this one out now.



  TonyV 15:31 22 Jul 2011

As Woolwell says, I have now set up a C5 template which gives me exactly what I want including a coloured return address. No more aggravation!


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