MS Office 2007

  dogbreath1 14:39 14 Mar 2010

Have just bought this and was wondering whether I need to uninstall MS Office 2002 prior to installing the newer version?

Any of you guys got any experience with this one?

  MrNewName 15:13 14 Mar 2010

It's not necessary but I uninstalled Office 2000 when I was installing Office 2007.

I also used the Office removal tool:

click here

  skeletal 15:45 14 Mar 2010

I’m currently running Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 beta, all together.

There are two key things to know:

You can only use one version of Outlook, so make your choice and stick to it;
You sometimes have to wait a few minutes for “initialisation” if you switch between versions (this definitely happens with Word, but can’t remember which others). It is not much of a problem, but can be irritating if you just want to quickly type up a short note. Also, if you are into making changes to your file, and write code, you may forget which version you were using, and “lose” a setting/code. (The files are different). This is more an operator issue than an Office issue.


  dogbreath1 18:19 14 Mar 2010

Thank you, guys.

I bought the home version which only contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, so Outlook (which I don't use anyway) isn't an issue.

  dogbreath1 18:27 27 Mar 2010

Installed over earlier version, no problem. Thanks again.

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