MS Money shareprice updates

  Newuser4608 17:21 13 Aug 2011

When I buy a share and add it to a new account in Money and add the code, e.g. ADM, the prices update. If I sell the share its price continues to update. How do I remove sold shares from the Update Prices list?

  Housten 11:26 14 Aug 2011


Sorry to hijack ( slightly ) your thread but you have confused me somewhat. I have been using Intuit's Quicken for many years and the last time the shares were automatically updated ( at least for me ) was 5.09 pm on December 3 2008! I am assuming that you are talking about MS Money and that you are getting ALL your share prices updated - is this on a daily basis? The reason for the query is that I, and I suspect quite a few others, understood that MS Money had stopped share updating even before Quicken and I have now actually given up looking for a bank account/share account programme that does updating so I am very intrigued by your comments. Could you please help and explain what you have, and where and when you got it, please? Any information would be most gratefully received!

  Housten 11:26 14 Aug 2011

PS Sorry I can't help with your problem!!

  Newuser4608 11:36 14 Aug 2011

Hi Houston, I went onto MS Money 2005 when Quicken ceased and it has updated regularly since. It is now version I am very haooy with it.

  Housten 15:02 16 Aug 2011

Good Afternoon


Having read and considered your reply I went looking for MS Money, and found a website which was a forum, so I asked a question. As I haven’t had an answer I have decided to be a bit cheeky on your post and ask you as well, so I apologise and hope you will be able to help me!

When looking at financial programmes they talk about accounts, and some have a ‘free’ version of their own but this only ‘allows’ one account. I have never been able to work out what they mean by this! For instance in ‘Quicken’ I have our current account, a deposit account, our premium bonds accounts, credit card accounts, various savings with different organisations and an account for our shareholdings. Within the shareholdings accounts these are split into further accounts depending on various categories. The result is if I wish to move money from one account to another I can just transfer it without any problem. But what I need to know is what I am talking about one account with several ‘sub-accounts’ OR are these all different accounts? I tried using one programme and gave up fairly quickly when I realised all my data would have to be imported for each ‘account’ I wished to set up and what didn’t apply to the particular ‘account’ would have to be deleted. This meant deleting about 85 – 95% of everything imported every time ( and I have all my data from 1 January 2006 in the current file as I have been looking for some time ) ( although ALL the share prices are always kept by ‘Quicken’ so these go back as far as 1987! ), and one mistake and everything is mucked up to an enormous degree! So does ‘Money’ import ‘Quicken’ files and split the data into the accounts that I want and as I want it, rather than what the programme might want? Also does the share updates happen with share prices from London rather than some other stock exchange? And – most importantly, in one way – do you know where or from where I could download the version that you have? The forum I was reading posts from talked about how some people should be downloading a later version than they were using but didn’t say where to go to get the newer version apart from ‘go and download’ which may be all well and fine if you have the programme but not a lot of use if you don’t!!

I know I am being a pain in the proverbial, and I am most sincerely sorry about that, but I would rather go on the way I am than spend time downloading a programme then hours and hours and hours trying to learn how to use and then find it won’t do what I want it to do! Picky?? I must admit that I am, but I think that as ‘Quicken’ has worked for many, many years for me and I know how I can get what I want out of it, this is a case of ‘better the devil you do know, rather than the one you don’t’!! So I hope you will understand my reticence in jumping straight in before knowing a bit more than I do about the programme! Sorry to have gone on a bit but I do not want to waste time doing something which will not work out for me.

Many thanks for your patience in reading this and any help/advice/information you can give me!

  rawprawn 17:10 16 Aug 2011

I use Money 2002 but I suspect it is very similar. I just "Edit > Delete" the share no longer in my portfolio.

  Newuser4608 12:16 17 Aug 2011

Hi Rawprawn, I have no problem adding and deleting shares from my account. The problem is with the automatic price update. This happens regularly with all the shares, even the ones I have sold and do not want to continue to update.

  Newuser4608 12:37 17 Aug 2011

Hello Houston, Money imports all your Quicken files. The 3rd item in the 'File' dropdown list is "Convert Quicken Files". That is what I did. Microsoft say they have given up support for Money, but my program still seems to be updated regularly. You might be able to buy a copy on e-bay. I don't know what other programs there are suitable for keeping home accounts.Good luck!

  Pine Man 16:06 17 Aug 2011


'I went onto MS Money 2005 when Quicken ceased and it has updated regularly since. It is now version I am very haooy with it.'

Just so that you aware MSMoney 2005 has not updated regularly. After it was released about six years ago it automatically updated once on installation to version No further updates have been released since.

You also need to be aware that the data that you have on your updated copy of Money 2005 v1105 will only work on an updated version of Money 2005 and nothing else. Even though you may have the original disc for Money 2005 unless it is capable of updating itself from the Microsoft Site the data you have cannot be used on it.

  Housten 17:16 26 Aug 2011


I know this is being a bit more than cheeky, but I have decided to 'bite the bullet' and try 'money'. I have looked round several web sites and they all want to charge from what I can see, and most have the - is it? - the sunset programme which some web sites say should not be touched with a bargepole. I have even gone on to the Microsoft,com web site and tried downloading, but they don't appear to have but said I could ask a question. I, almost, did!! I went through some pages and typed in my question and then found out they wanted £35 - this was the first I knew of it!!! I answered their survey and left in a hurry and would be grateful if you know of a web site from which I can download the programme. One small final point that I have most confusing is the size of the programme - some places say it is 34.5(ish)MB whilst others say it is 170.6MB. Do you know the size?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Pine Man 17:36 26 Aug 2011

Money Sunset version is free and is exactly the same as ordinary Money BUT no support. Download here -

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