MS Money now free

  MIke 16:13 01 Sep 2010

Sorry if this has already been posted but saw this on Money Saving Expert Forum

Microsoft stopped selling MS Money on June 30 2009.
There are two final versions which are available free from Microsoft.
One is Money Plus Sunset Deluxe and the other is Money Plus Sunset Home and Business.Unlike earlier versions, these do not require online activation and these versions do not include any online services.

I've been using Money 2002 on Win 7 with no problems, but thought I'd take a look at these versions. It does work with the Money 2002 file, but has to convert it first. The new file cannot then be opened in Money 2002, so I'd advise a backup be made if you want to try a newer version of Money.

These are US versions but my Sterling files copied OK and show the £ sign.

click here for the download page

  Pine Man 16:51 01 Sep 2010

Only problem with this version is that it won't run files created in the last version before MS pulled the plug - Money 2005:-((

  rawprawn 17:02 01 Sep 2010

I use Money 2002 on Windows7 with no problems and it suits it's purpose.
Is Money Plus Sunset Home and Business much different? in other words, do you think it is a worthwhile change, or is it more or less the same?
I have downloaded it but I am reluctant to change something that works well.

  accordion 17:15 01 Sep 2010

If it's working, don't fix it. As you have Money 2002 working fine, there's no need to change it.


  C3 17:19 01 Sep 2010

Just for information : Neither versions of the Sunset program work with Canadian data.

  rawprawn 17:28 01 Sep 2010

If it ain't broke!!!

  MIke 17:55 01 Sep 2010

No it's not vastly different to 2002, Can't understand why it won't run 2005 files as it runs 2002 files OK!

Thought it be of use as I've seen threads where ppl can't get 2002 to run on Win 7, or for those looking for a free Accounts program.

  accordion 18:56 01 Sep 2010

Posh people say 'if it's working'. Ain't that right.

  Pine Man 18:59 01 Sep 2010

When 2005 was released there was a problem with it and it had to have an upgrade downloaded after installation, which made the resultant files unusable in anything other than an upgraded 2005 version.

I did try the sunset version and it would not recognise the files from the upgraded 2005 version:-(

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