MS Money '01 migration to Deluxe problem (petty cash info lost)

  HELEN1982 10:00 11 Dec 2014

Hi, I would really appreciate some help please. At the end of August 2014, I transferred / migrated Microsoft Money 2001 Standard OEM Edition version 9.0 from my old PC to MS Money Plus Deluxe version on my new PC. It all seemed to have gone fine but I have now noticed my petty cash account had not migrated properly / in its entirety. What has happened is, all the amounts are there, but the categories have gone. So I know what I spent and when but not on what!! I think my options are : 1. As I still have the old PC, I could try and migrate again, but that would mean losing / re-entering the last 3 months transactions which I would like to avoid. However, if this is my best option does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do differently to ensure it all comes across this time? 2. Accept that the breakdown for my petty cash from 1997 to 2014 is lost and continue as I am (but I would need to go back to April 2014 and re-key all my petty cash transactions so I can pass them to my accountant). 3. I would love it if the following would be possible but its probably not! Is there a way I can try to migrate the petty cash info only from the old PC and merge it with / update the Deluxe edition, so my other accounts stay the same? I would really appreciate any ideas please. Thank you in anticipation!!

  Jollyjohn 11:10 11 Dec 2014


First backup your petty cash account that you are using then if nothing works we can get back to this point and be no worse off.

Go back to your old pc and create a backup of the petty cash account - to a usb stick or shared drive.

Try restoring from backup on new PC - if this works correctly you will have to re enter info since April.

Another option is to use the Export option on the old PC BUT when this is Imported on the new PC it will give duplicate transactions so before you Import, delete all transactions before April.

For future reference, I use the Archive option on a regular basis to save past info.

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