MS Messenger

  david4637 16:47 06 Jun 2004

Can someone please point me to some info on the above and whether you can speak to other PC users and whether the audio is as good as a phone call. Thanks David

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:52 06 Jun 2004
  Charence 17:01 06 Jun 2004

click here - to download.

You can use this program to type, talk and even see the other person. The quality is even better than phone if you have a fast internet connection. Another advantage is that it is FREE! You only pay for internet costs.


  The Earl Of Sabden 18:46 06 Jun 2004

A great free program for one-to-one PC chats regardless of your chat program is click here Give it a go.

Worldwide access to thousands of people on the Skype network.... You'll love it.

You will need a Headset with built in mircophone. Used it for months and other than making dozens of freinds, you can chat to your neighbour, friends down the road, friends abroad, all for FREE and with telephone sound quaility.. Best I've ever come across. Go for it. EOS.

  david4637 17:02 08 Jun 2004

Thanks for your replies. I will check out your replies above tomorrow.

I should have said I use W98SE and access the net by dial up.

Does messenger come on the W98SE install CD.

Does it work well on dial up?

Thanks David

  david4637 21:09 09 Jun 2004


  david4637 21:32 09 Jun 2004

MS Messenger - Can you speak (not type a message) to another user? Thanks David

  johnnyrocker 00:20 10 Jun 2004

yes if you have a mic and a full wave audio card at least that is what i yhink it is called otherwise it is like the old transatlantic phone calls where you had to wait for the other party to stop talking.


  david4637 19:01 10 Jun 2004

Thanks for your reply. I have a mic and transmitter. Have you actually tried speaking to another user, how do you call them up? Thanks David

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