MS ME help... pls

  madzad 16:52 27 Jan 2005

A member of my family has tried to install a modem to thier home PC which is running MS ME, (yeah I know.. lol), but when she tried to get the modem to log in, she got an error message that Im lead to believe, is that her PC has not enough RAM to run the modem.
I dont have the PC here at the moment, but if anyone can shed some light Id be really grateful

Thanks in adv
Steve UK

  mattyc_92 16:56 27 Jan 2005

Most broadband modems must have at least 64mg of RAM available.... So if it has more than 64mg, then try asking the Internet Service Provider for help (or the person who sold you the system)

  madzad 17:16 27 Jan 2005

Thanx Matty.
I shall get her to try that.. but its Telewest, I shall check to see if she did that first. Knowing telewest they will say its her PC! lol

Steve UK

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