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M/S inteli eye mouse problems

  Migwell 04:50 03 Feb 2003

My Microsoft Inteli eye mouse seems to have packed up working. In the last few days the pointer was sticking in one place then it would catch up to where it should have been. Have tried changing to usb connection and also tried on another computer but now the pointer stands still all the time, any idea on what the problem is please.

  Pauper 07:46 03 Feb 2003

Check to make sure that no fluff etc has entered the small cavity underneath.

  Migwell 15:11 03 Feb 2003

I have conected it direct into ps2.
I have also conected direct into USB.
I have cleaned the eye.
I have checked the cable.
It is'nt a wireless mouse, so no batteries to check.

Still nothing.

For the sake of sanity I bought a new one, it works fine first time out of the box. That leads me to think the old one is just plain and simple knackered.

Thanks all for trying to help, driving me up the wall useing an old mouse with no scroll wheel and with a dust gathering ball underneith.

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