MS install

  JimT 15:53 30 Dec 2004

How do I cancel MS install.

I've downloaded an upgrade for Excel 2000 but it's asking for the W2000 CD and I can't find mine. Now I can't run Excel without the install trying to run.

  Djohn 16:26 30 Dec 2004

Can you restore back to an earlier date JimT?

  JimT 16:37 30 Dec 2004


I'm having difficulty in doing this. I'm running W 2000 Professional.


  Djohn 16:45 30 Dec 2004

Not sure if 2000 is the same as XP but if so then right click your "My Computer" Icon choose properties then the restore tab. You should be able to select a point prior to the download but if not don't panic just yet because I feel certain that 2000 has the restore facility just not sure its the same route as XP.

  JimT 18:56 30 Dec 2004

The Properties menu doesn't have a Restore item.


  quack 19:05 30 Dec 2004

Go to Programmes > Accessories>System Tools> System Restore and select a restore point prior to the upgrade. The restore points will be in bold figures.

  VoG II 19:07 30 Dec 2004

I do not think that Windows 2000 has System Restore; only ME and XP as far as I am aware.

  Totally-braindead 19:32 30 Dec 2004

I think Vog is correct, there is no restore facility with Win 2000. JimT will need another solution if anyone has it, can't help myself I'm afraid as I know nothing about Win 2000.

  VoG II 19:44 30 Dec 2004

"but it's asking for the W2000 CD"

Are you sure it isn't the Office 2000 CD that it wants.

There may be a registry entry somewhere that is causing this behaviour but where I don't know.

Sorry, not much help.

  JimT 20:23 30 Dec 2004


Yes, sorry - I meant the Office 2000 CD, and I'm still looking for it. Problem is, we moved house a few months ago and I hope it's somewhere!


  quack 22:19 30 Dec 2004

Has W 2000 got Add & Remove programmes in Control Panel. If so is the upgrade shown there and can you then remove it?

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