MS IE8 Screen Freezing

  Chelonian 11:23 27 Jan 2010


My Sony Vaio PCG-FR215E laptop has started doing strange stuff.

It was fine before it was connected to BT broadband.

It runs MS XP Home (SP3) with all updates and Norton Internet Security 2009 with the firewall enabled. I had the RAM upgraded to 1GB.

When using the web browser (MS IE8) the screen sometimes freezes. The mouse won't work and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete has no effect. I get over the problem by pushing the power on/off button on the laptop. It boots and everything is just fine until the next time.

The problem doesn't happen when I'm working off-line. Although the laptop is about seven years old now it has only been used for about 20 hours during that time, all of it off-line until very recently.

If anyone can suggest a fix I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks!

  Graphicool1 11:33 27 Jan 2010

I had the same trouble when I installed IE8. Same set up as you, but a desktop not a laptop. My solution was to revert back to IE7 after that I've not had any problem.

My PC used to have IE7 and I upgraded to IE8. But then when the trouble started I uninstalled IE8 and the PC reverted back to IE7. In other words I didn't have to reinstall IE7 it was still there.

  rawprawn 11:40 27 Jan 2010

Try going to Tools> Internet Options> Advanced Tab> Press the "Reset" Button at the bottom. This will put it back to default, and will disable all your add ons. It is likely that one of these is causing the problem, you can only find which one by trial and error.

  birdface 11:53 27 Jan 2010

Maybe your drivers need updating.
Try Taskmanager to see what is using up the CPU.
When nothing running System Idle Process should be showing about 96% which is normal.Anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.
Maybe download and run Malwarebytes free that will sometimes find problems that Norton misses.
If you have run all of the Microsoft updates maybe do a Defrag that may help.
Check how much space you have left on your Hard drive.
I suppose pressing the esc button does not help.
Tools.Internet Options.Advanced and press reset.That resets I/E8 to its original state.
Have you got the latest Flash and Java updates installed.
Sometimes when updating to IE8 it disables some of your add-ons they may say enabled but the folder may be empty so you may have to download some of them again.

  Chelonian 16:46 27 Jan 2010

Thanks for the advice everyone. Much appreciated. It's an intermittent fault so I'll give everything a go!

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