MS Games, Freecell. ( old version needed)

  amonra 14:18 27 Feb 2018

I have always had Freecell on my computers since windows started. My last computer, may it rest in peace, died a death and I lost all my apps and more importantly , games. I can download the latest version of MS Solitaire which has everything a man could want, but I DON'T want the latest, new improved, version, I just want the old Win7 / XP layout. Is that too much to ask ? Can anyone suggest how I can d/load the older version please ? I seem to remember years ago someone recommended a site with all the old MS games as standard. Thanks for looking...................

  Forum Editor 14:30 27 Feb 2018

You might want to take a look at this.

As ever, download at your own risk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 27 Feb 2018

Do you have access to an old XP or win 7 PC?

I jusy copied the relevant files into a folder but you also need the file Card.dll in the same folder for it to work.

E.G. Freecell.exe Spider.exe MShearts.exe Card.dll

I even have the old pinball files in a folder, the games play OK on win 10

  amonra 20:19 27 Feb 2018

FE. Brilliant ! That's exactly what I was looking for. All installed and working. It makes putting up with the adverts worthwhile !

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