MS FrontPage/Shared Border/Java script errors

  peabody 12:50 23 Jun 2004

Using MS FrontPage Shared Border (top) to hold a pop-up menu generated by Macromedia Fireworks. The generated HTML file is saved as top.htm which is embedded in the top border of all pages within the web (this is for ease of maintenance of the site menu)

On its own, top.htm functions AOK - the menu does all it should no problem. However, as the top border I get screip errors (missing object) in preview mode within FP. If I previoe in browser I get no script error but the menu does nothing (no rollovers, drop-downs etc).

Have tried exporting the thing from fireworks as both FP html and Dreamweaver html but same results.

Any ideas please?

  Forum Editor 14:10 23 Jun 2004

before it will work.

Do that and you should find that all is well - if it isn't, come back and we'll sort it out in more detail.

  peabody 15:26 23 Jun 2004

I've published to a server but, although there are no script errors, the menu does nothing.

Just to add what I have checked thus far:
- that the .js file and all images referenced in the 'function mmLoadMenus() {' statement are present in the _borders folder (where top.htm resides)
- that the '<script language="JavaScript1.2" src="mm_menu.js"></script>' statement is positioned just after the meta tags (as the Macromedia support site confirms for FrontPage html)

As I say, top.htm is perfect when checked in isolation but only fails as the top shared border. It must be a referncing error to the .js file or something, but I can't suss it.

  peabody 16:31 23 Jun 2004

I am aware that I can achieve (and have now achieved) what I want via Dreamweaver Templates. The reason I was hoping to use FP is simply that it's a rather large FP site and it would just be easier to leave it with FP.

I would really like to know why FP is letting me down - these things really niggle me!

However, if I can not crack this problem I will just move to the Dreamweaver template route.

  Forum Editor 16:54 23 Jun 2004

it must be a referencing error, and it's obviously being caused by the fact that you've set FP to use a shared border. FP can't handle the fact that the same .js file can be used, regardless of which page you're on, and it's not something that I've come across before.

When I get more time I'll delve into it a little more deeply, because such a thing would niggle me too, but for the time being I think you're right - use DW instead.

  peabody 18:31 23 Jun 2004

Thanks - will do!

  peabody 22:38 25 Jun 2004

As per MS Knowledge base, any script within the header of a page used as a border is ignored. All script must appear within the body.

I cut and pasted all lines of script from the top.htm <head> to <body>. Also, all images used by the .js file were cut from the _borders folder to the web root folder (i.e. the same folder as that in which the .js file resides) and all now works OK.

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