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  Simon_P 22:18 04 Oct 2003

I have a personal web site/photo gallery, originally inspired by the PC advisor ?Sun Star office challenge? 6 months later this is the result, after much trial and error.

Any feed back comments appreciated.

It is however an amateur/hobby site.

Also I have a question: MS FrontPage v 4.0

The navigation is set up within shared borders using custom buttons.

Settings are:

?child pages under home? additional pages are set as ?home page? all the main pages in the navigation view are directly linked to and under the home page.

If you return to home page from another page using the ?Home? button, this trips the hit counter.

Is it possible to configure FP so this doesn?t happen?



  Simon_P 22:20 04 Oct 2003
  Forum Editor 01:43 05 Oct 2003

each time the home page is hit is nothing to do with Front Page configuration - it's the counter itself. It doesn't know which url you come from, it only knows it's been triggered again, so off it goes and adds another hit.

As you have your own domain you are presumably being professionally hosted, and you'll probably find that your hosting company can enable web stats for your site. All good hosts will have this software running on the server, and often it's simply a question of asking them to enable it for you. Once that's done you can access a very detailed log of all site traffic, and you'll be able to see a tally of unique visitors (which is what you're really after, judging by your question). You'll also see which pages got the most attention, which browser your visitors were using, and even which geographical location they came from when they hit your site.

  Simon_P 19:28 05 Oct 2003

Yes I do have that option, The hit counter is just to give me a rough gide, I just wondered if I had set it up corectly, and belive that I have.

I am very happy with my hosting package, and the support they offer is very good.

Thank you for your responce


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