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  Pine Man 13:17 05 Jun 2010

I have a laptop running XP and I have just uninstalled MS Office with Frontpage.

Frontpage still appears in Windows Explorer and will not be deleted as 'it's in use'.

I have have been through the registry and removed everything remotely connected with MS Office or Frontpage and it is still hanging on for dear life in Explorer and refuses to be deleted!!

  BT 07:12 06 Jun 2010

Did you use the Office disc to do the uninstall. This is ususally the best way to go.

  Pine Man 07:53 06 Jun 2010


I got a second hand laptop and no discs at all. The office program turned out to be 'dodgy' so I removed it and installed Open Office but just cannot get rid of the Frontpage folder.

Any ideas?

  sunnystaines 09:51 06 Jun 2010

try free ver of regseeker, search registry with key words, but read carefully before hitting delete button.

had similar problems getting rid of ms works on a laptop with no disc, regseeker did the trick.

there is also free software for deleting stubbon files called unlocker ver 1.8.9.

  Pine Man 10:23 06 Jun 2010

Thanks I'll give then a go.

  Pine Man 11:24 06 Jun 2010

I tried unlocker first and that allowed me to delete the frontpage folder but when I rebooted it was there again!

I next tried regseeker and scanned for frontpage. It found one entry and I deleted it but the folder still hung on!

I ran regseeker again and ran the clean registry facility and it found over 2000 entries so I deleted the lot!!

Guess what......STILL THERE!

It sure beats me.

  sunnystaines 12:31 06 Jun 2010

I had a thread a while back about nero reg entries that re appeared after a boot after being deleted.

the result was done by another free bit of software called registrar lite ver 5.5

i think this was the download site i used

click here

it was recommended on another forum to me.

  Chris the Ancient 17:18 06 Jun 2010

A thought...

Have you tried Revo Uninstall (a free program)?

  T I M B O 17:29 06 Jun 2010

If some software will not be removed, this is normally because it's being used. In the "msconfig" you may just find a few microsoft applications in there, they dont need to be there and if you wish you can delete them all connected with office. If you can find Front page or Microsoft Expressions 3 in the msconfig then delete from there, reboot pc and the go to the add & remove and delete Front page. If that does not work they try safe mode.

Best of luck !!

  Pine Man 18:21 06 Jun 2010

Thanks to you all for your interest and advice and here are the results!

Tried it no joy didn't find anything.

Chris the Ancient.
It was removed initially with Revo.

Checked in msconfig and there is nothing associated with MS Office or Frontpage.
Nothing Associated with MS Office or Frontpage appears in add/remove programs.
Safe mode allows me to remove the Frontpage folder but after rebooting it's still there.

In the long run it is only a folder that has no effect on my computer but I would dearly like to bit the so and so!!

  sunnystaines 18:44 06 Jun 2010

registrar lite you copy the reg entry into the program and delete it, no scanning needed.

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