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  Dirk Diggler 16:11 18 Jun 2006

I am trying to add a small WMV file to a page using MS Frontpage.

I have followed the instructions is the Help section and it all plays fine when I preview it, but when I publish and then go onto the site I just get a black box where the video should be with a small icon in the box (kind of red green and yellow shapes)

Any ideas where I may be going wrong?

  Forum Editor 16:24 18 Jun 2006

I'll move it across now.

  Forum Editor 16:25 18 Jun 2006

that the video file is on the server?

  Dirk Diggler 16:41 18 Jun 2006

Firstly, thanks for moving post to the correct form

Secondly, I am lost when it comes to server locations etc, all I have done in the past is to create the page in MS Frontpage and click publish and away I go :-)

All other images etc have worked in the past. I am hosting the site through my ISP webspace that comes with Blueyonder?

  Forum Editor 16:51 18 Jun 2006

is included in the files that are published to the server.

A neat way of handling such files is to create a special folder in FrontPage - call it 'video'. Then, import the file into that folder using the 'import' command on the FP file menu. Make sure that you click on the video folder before using the import tool, or you may inadvertantly put the file in the wrong place.

When the import file dialogue box opens, navigate to the location on your hard drive where the file is saved, and then import it. Now make sure that the place on the page that you select for the video link has a hyperlink to the file in the folder. When you've done all that, publish your site to the server again, and the video should work perfectly. Sometimes, free ISP webspace is quite small, and a large video file may be to big for the remaining space. If that happens there's not much you can do, but unless your file is very large you should be OK.

  Dirk Diggler 17:09 18 Jun 2006

Oh how I thought I had managed it!

I have done as you said and when I go to publish it goes through the process of uploading the WMV file, the blue bars progress all the way to 100%, then I get the following error message

Server error: Write error on file ".Beni2006.wmv.tmp".

The file is 9,450KB, and I only have about 40 or so pics on the rest of the site. Do you think this may be a file size issue as you mentioned?

  Forum Editor 17:13 18 Jun 2006

I do.

What size are the image files you have there already - in total?

  Forum Editor 17:15 18 Jun 2006

that there's a .tmp suffix on the server error message - what's the full name of the file you're trying to upload?

  Dirk Diggler 17:23 18 Jun 2006

Do you mean the full C:/ name or jus the actual file name?

The full thing is

C:\Documents and Settings\Jamie\Videos\Finished Projects\Beni2006.wmv

  Forum Editor 17:43 18 Jun 2006

The filename is therefore : Beni2006.wmv

The first thing to do is to change it to: beni2006.wmv - uppercase filenames are to be avoided.

And the total size of your image files?

  Dirk Diggler 21:11 18 Jun 2006

Thank you very much for your help. Your suggestion of webspace was indeed correct.

I only have 30MB space and have used 23908KB leaving 6812KB, hence my video file of 9450KB will not load.

I may have to have a re-vamp of my site!

Thanks again

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