MS excel worksheet linking

  HRH1 13:45 14 Oct 2003

In one workbook I have a number of worksheets that I wish to summarise.

From the summary sheet is possible for excel to supply the worksheet name in a cell ?

If so how ?

I have tried '=sheetname!' but it does not work.

  wee eddie 20:10 14 Oct 2003

except that you haven't defined the cell to be linked after the exclamation mark

  VoG II 21:40 14 Oct 2003

"is possible for excel to supply the worksheet name" - sorry, I don't understand how Excel is supposed to do this.

If you mean can you (not Excel) put the sheet reference in a cell, then use a formula to act on that reference, then I don't think it is possible but I stand to be corrected.

  wee eddie 22:48 14 Oct 2003

you write the name of the sheet into a cell, and link to that.

Say =sheet-name!A1

  VoG II 22:50 14 Oct 2003

Have you tried that? I cannot get that (or anything similar that I have tried) to work. But I'm always willing to learn.

  VoG II 22:54 14 Oct 2003

Sorry, just to clarify


or even

='[My silly workbook name]My silly sheet'!A1

will work. But what HRH1 is asking (I think) is can you put '[My silly workbook name]My silly sheet' in a cell and use it. I believe that the answer to that is "no" but I may well be wrong.

  wee eddie 23:21 14 Oct 2003

you would be trying to load the whole sheet into the single cell!

I think! Massive doubt and an attack of insecurity but maybe.

  VoG II 23:27 14 Oct 2003

No, no, no!

That's not what I meant. Say

'[My silly workbook name]My silly sheet'

is in A1

in B1 can you put


for example. i.e. a single cell.

I don't think you can do this via a cell reference, but.....

  wee eddie 23:40 14 Oct 2003

The ! identifies the sheet you are referring to.

  wee eddie 23:43 14 Oct 2003

just a frequent user and I limit myself to fairly simple sheets as I am the only person to see them.

  VoG II 23:44 14 Oct 2003

Yes I know what the ! does. I know exactly how to reference a cell on any worksheet in any file on any drive. As I understand it, this is not the problem.

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