MS Excel Question - Addenda to IF function

  MartinT-B 11:25 26 Jan 2005

Yesterday I asked a question about the calculation of commission and returning the value of commission to be deducted in a cell.

Using this formula =IF(A24=1,-D24*0.1,IF(A24=2, -D24*0.15, -D24*0.2)) works very well, but I have follow up.

If the return value is invalid (IE there is no value in Cell A24, then the result in Cell E24 is shown as £0.00 as the cell is formatted to show a currency value.

Is there anyway to add to the original formula so that there is no output in the cell? IE it just remains blank.

The reason for this is to set up a template with the formula already in place in a number or rows (say 8 for example). This would mean only needing to insert rows as needed, not inserting rows and also pasting the various formulae too. I would like it be as easy to use as possible for out bookkeeper.

Thank you for your time.

  Rigga 11:42 26 Jan 2005

=IF(OR(A24="", D24=""),"", IF(A24=1,-D24*0.1,IF(A24=2, -D24*0.15, -D24*0.2)))


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