MS Excel again!

  Revi 10:57 23 Sep 2003

The excel page comes with vertical and horizontal lines and looks like a graph paper. When I print the page with the contents in I don't get the lines but only the contents. I want the graph lines to appear too. What do I do to make this happen? Thanks.

  Revi 11:04 23 Sep 2003

^^ ^^

  phredd 11:11 23 Sep 2003

In your spreadsheet page go to: File,page setup, sheet, print and insert a tick in the box for gridlines

  CliffP 11:12 23 Sep 2003

File, Page Setup, Sheet and then tick Gridlines...

  CliffP 11:12 23 Sep 2003

dammit, beat me...

  tomgorham12 11:13 23 Sep 2003

Open File, Page setup.

Under the Sheet tab, make sure the Gridlines checkbox is selected.

Hope that helps!


  Revi 11:20 23 Sep 2003

Sorry can't find any Gridlines checkbox under shheet tab!

  graham√ 11:27 23 Sep 2003

It's halfway down on the left.

  Revi 11:29 23 Sep 2003

Thanks, found it!

  Revi 11:30 23 Sep 2003

Thanks guys for all your help!

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