MS-DOS Virus Alert Notice

  Blanc Glacier 00:51 07 Mar 2005

Hi Guys,

Just want to let you know that there is an MS-DOS virus going about. My mate got a message sent to him on MSN last night saying "check this site out, its funny" with a Website link that in fact opens up an install window (saying open or save). He clicked on cancel however, it still installed on his machine.

I too got a message from one of my contacts with the same thing. However, i was a bit wise and manually turned off my computer before it got a chance to do anything.

I'm advising you to not click on any hyperlinks (Website links to you and I) from your contacts unless you are certain that its from a trusted source.

For those of you that use MSN Messenger you may find that it you do get it, it automatically sends a link to all of your contacts, thus increasing the chance for them to click on such link.

I advise you, to acknowledge this email and pass it on to your friends, as they may be unaware of the situation (especially those who use Messenger).

I hope this helps



  Chezdez 00:59 07 Mar 2005

yeah, i got the same thing from a trusted source (one of my best mates), the only reason i got it is because he clicked it, and then it sent the link to me

does anyone know if this is gonna cause any problems? or is it just a stupid program that sends itself repeatedly?

  Blanc Glacier 01:07 07 Mar 2005

.....also does anyone know how to check to see if you have it on your computer. Obvioulsy i do understand that there are many variants of an MS-DOS virus.


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