MS-dos compatibility mode

  [DELETED] 22:28 20 Apr 2006

I get this message when I try to use Norton Goback on my Win98 PC
“Norton GoBack window cannot be used while any drives are running in
MS-Dos Compatibility Mode, MS-Dos is a mode in Windows 98 in which your disk drive is not operating optimally. Norton GoBack does not cause the MS Dos Compatibility mode condition”

This means that I cannot now use GoBack. I have checked the device manager and there are no conflicts there, also checked Windows trouble-shooter but can’t find a solution. Have you any idea what I can do about this problem so I can get GoBack working again?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:22 20 Apr 2006

Troubleshooting MS-DOS Compatibility Mode on Hard Disks
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This may help

  Diodorus Siculus 23:23 20 Apr 2006

MS-DOS Compatibility mode
To really find out if you are using MS-DOS Compatibility mode, do this: right click on My Computer, select Properties from the context menu, click on the Performance tab. If you see a message in this window that says "Some or all drives may be running in MS-DOS Compatibility mode", then there you have it. You should then click on the Device Manager tab and open up the tree folders corresponding to CDROM, Disk Drives, Floppy Disk controllers, Hard disk controllers. If you do not see an entry for one or more CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM drives you have on your system, then that one is running in Compatibility mode."
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  [DELETED] 15:48 23 Apr 2006

Diodorus,thanks for your advice which I will try out later and let you know the results.

  [DELETED] 22:31 30 Apr 2006

Diodorus. thanks for your help,I followed your suggestions and leads. Althoigh I didn't find solution there, it was a great learning curve,thanks.
I did find that the trouble was with Goback itself. I reinstalled and updated it and the problem dissapeared, though why it should have put a drive into compatibility mode I have no idea

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