edelinski-199425 14:32 11 Aug 2004

I have problem with printer.He don't responding, I try to reinstal but I recive mesagge " C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows application. Choose to close to teminate the application. I vrely don't know why this is hapend.Please help.

  edelinski-199425 14:36 11 Aug 2004

And I forgot - I have Windows 2000, on computer.

  [DELETED] 14:42 11 Aug 2004

Sounds like your printer drivers are not compatible with Widows 2000. You need to go to the manufacturer's web site to download drivers that will work with your operating system.

  edelinski-199425 14:57 11 Aug 2004

It's work properly last time bfore 3 days when I was print, I try last night and dont work,can I go on microsoft main page and find that driver what I need?

  edelinski-199425 15:09 11 Aug 2004

I downloading driver from manufactured site and we gonna see later is it working,thanks for information.

  Dan the Confused 15:12 11 Aug 2004

Have a look at click here

  edelinski-199425 16:02 12 Aug 2004

Thanks Dan, I was check that page but they have solution only for XP and I need for 2000 Windows.

  Dan the Confused 20:16 12 Aug 2004

The fix is basically the same (XP and 2000 are similar in many respects). The WINDOWS folder referred to is called WINNT on your system.

click here

  THE TERMINATOR 23:49 12 Aug 2004


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