MS Digital Media pro Keyboard problem

  Demora 09:52 19 May 2010


I am using the above mentioned keyboard with win7 32bit and whilst most of the extra keys work, I find since installing win 7 my zooming key will not function.

I have tried drivers, compatibility, uninstalling etc. Cleaning too.

I'm wondering whether the keyboard is faulty or I've missed something.

The keyboard is connected to the pc via a ps2 adaptor.

Any pointers or do I buy a new keyboard/



  Demora 11:19 19 May 2010

I have been using driver from the software cd. Also a downloaded update from MS.

I tend not to use some of the extra keys BUT the zoom feature was my reason for nuying this keyboard in the first place (not likeing the Magnify feature in win 7)

Its just annoying when It Doesn't work.


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