MS Defender?

  dms05 08:19 24 Feb 2006

I turned on one of my laptops this morning and it reported my wireless connection was disconnected.

However at the same time I had the little yellow MS Windows Security Shield pop up and say it was downloading an Update. It did this then offered to install the Defender update.

After installation was finished I selected Repair and was Connected in due course. However the Disconnected report was obviously untrue.

Perhaps it's an undocumented feature of Defender.

Othewise Defender works well.

  Forum Editor 11:58 25 Feb 2006

on my own network. Since installing defender on my laptop I've connected to my network regularly, and all seems well. I'll watch for it though, as it may well be a bug in Defender.

  Forum Editor 14:34 25 Feb 2006

I just fired up my laptop, and got an immediate notification of a Defender update. I duly installed it, and promptly received two random error messages from Windows XP, one when I tried to get Defender to run a scan - when I clicked on the button I was told "No valid pointer detected", and again when I tried to launch the Defender window from the system tray - that was simply a classic Microsoft gobbledygook message.

I restarted the computer, since when all seems to be OK - Defender tells me that "Your computer is running normally".

  keewaa 15:04 25 Feb 2006

Is Defender the new name for MS antispyware, or is it a different program?

  powerless 15:52 25 Feb 2006

New name.

  dms05 15:54 25 Feb 2006

New name, different user interface.

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