MS Critical + Emsis Antimalware update problems

  compumac 21:39 14 May 2010

Earlier this week there were several Microsoft critical updates, at the same time my Emsis Antimalware also automatically updated itself to V5. This was applicable in the case of two of my PC’s and since then both have locked up occasionally
I need my mind refreshing in respect of the event log from where one can (hopefully) establish the culprit and rectify same.
Any guidance would be welcome.

  ame 21:47 14 May 2010

Start Menu - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer

  compumac 22:05 14 May 2010

Sorry but I should have indicated that I knew how to access the event log, but my question is what then? The one PC froze at 21:40 tonight whilst not being worked and when looking on the event log after switching off and then back on again at 21:51, there is nothing indicated between 21:12 and 21:51. There is an error at 21:52 referring to DCOM.

  compumac 22:09 14 May 2010

It also cannot use System Restore to go back to any point. That is not so much of a problem as I have Acronis images to reinstall if needs be, but as I have several other PC's that have all had the Microsoft Critical updates earlier in the week I am concerned that they might also be affected, and wish therefore to get to the root of the problem

  northumbria61 22:17 14 May 2010

Does DCOM give an Event I.D Number ?

  compumac 22:20 14 May 2010

DCOM Event 10010.
But this was after restart not at the frozn time.

  ame 22:32 14 May 2010

Suspect dcom error is not the issue. Presume this is not a server. Why can't you use System Restore in safe mode?

  compumac 23:06 14 May 2010

At this time I am trying System Restore in Safe Mode but it is taking quite some time so far. I will have to leave it running and get out of bed later - (perhaps). Will advise.

  compumac 23:18 14 May 2010

No - It will not System Restore in Safe Mode either. "It is not posible to restore...."
As I said it is not the end of the world as I do have Acronis images, but I would like to establish the cause in view of the other PC's being affected. Albeit they also have Acronis images as well.

  birdface 08:20 15 May 2010

Try Emisoft.Guard.And see if it has blocked anything in Application Rules.

  birdface 08:33 15 May 2010

What Firewall and anti-Virus have you got.
Go to add remove.Tick the box to show all programs or all updates.
Find and remove all the updates that you downloaded earlier this week and see if that sorts it.
Manually run windows updates again and install them one at a time to see if you can find the one causing the problem.
Or download Revo Uninstaller and remove Emisoft V5 completely and then reinstall it.

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