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  buzz 09:05 22 Mar 2003

hi my system takes a long time to start and some time will not load all the drivers that are ticked in the start of msconfig any idears ? and also i have been told that i can untick most of the programs to speed up my system can anybody tell me what do i leave ticked and if i do untick the others will they still work when i click on them in my programs list or will i have to re tick them every time i want to use them .

thanks buzz

  kuhbler 10:43 22 Mar 2003

generally you just untick stuff in your Startup tab.



Other stuff you have there may relate to your Virus Scan and firewall. If you use IM programs then you may have references for them there as well. These aren't necessary. You can start these up in windows as and when you need them.

To be 100% sure, do a post with what is in your startup tab and see if someone a little more knowledgeable than me can sort the wheat from the chaff!

  flecc 11:31 22 Mar 2003

They will still work from the Start Menu shortcuts when unchecked in Msconfig.

  anchor 12:53 22 Mar 2003

It is not always easy to discover from msconfig what the names relate to.

I find this site very helpful in clarifying matters

click here

  meatlaff2 14:29 22 Mar 2003

I'm running windows ME, I check "msconfig" every so often. I un-tick EVERYTHING except 'systray' and mine works fine and starts up pretty quick. Just leave 'systray' ticked, clic apply then re start. Leave it a couple of days then go on msconfig again, make a note of which programs are starting at start up, then open each program and find the bit that usually says something like "run at start up" and disable it. Don't worry, All the programs will still work. You will just be stopping them from running at start up.

  meatlaff2 14:32 22 Mar 2003

PS; Virus programs and firewalls are a particular pest at doing this

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