MS antispyware problem

  Taw® 17:20 18 Jun 2005

I have the above installed and it loads at startup. When I double click it in the taskbar to open it always runs through the wiizard for starting. Once it is open the updater is always set at inactive. After setting it to active and saving, the next time I open it, i runs through the same process of the wizard and the updater has reverted to inactive.I have uninstalled it and then installed it again but with no joy.

  Harry Re 11:09 19 Jun 2005

I have used MS antispyware for a few months with no problems when suddenly I have encoutered the same wizard start up problem.I am running Windows XP Home and have all the usual antispy and anti virus programs installed and updated.Can anyone help with this problem.

  Taw® 17:30 19 Jun 2005

much the same Harry Re for a few months everything was ok but now each time I want to open it the wizard sets in. Other than that it sits in the taskbar and does its job as I get the odd warning when something changes. My OS is XP pro and I have all other spyware jobs. Seems as if something is missing as it does not save.

  Harry Re 19:58 19 Jun 2005

This is exactly the same problem I am having.The program works ok apart from having the wizard start every time I open it.I have done the same as you deleted and reinstalled but it makes no difference.I also think something is missing,are we the only two with this problem?

  Taw® 22:45 19 Jun 2005

will bump for a while

  Harry Re 17:57 20 Jun 2005

I will try another bump but it does not look promising.

  Taw® 21:30 20 Jun 2005

One more bump then I'll tick.

  rômanab 21:36 20 Jun 2005

Nope, mine seems fine.

Sorry :o(

  Completealias 22:47 20 Jun 2005

No problems here

The only thing I could think of is an update has messed things up for you or there is something else causing the problem on your pc's

I'd run a full scan with a/v and ad-aware, spybot etc

Apart from that can't help ya sorry

  Taw® 19:49 21 Jun 2005

Cheers peeps, obviously not a major problem, but at least closing it will give it one more bump.

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