ms antispyware beta

  sunny staines 16:43 21 Jun 2005

click here

The above site is looking for people to run the antivirus beta. as we do not have a invite so click the contact link and email the request. Iam awaiting a reply at this moment and thought some of the readers might like to give it a run

  sunny staines 16:44 21 Jun 2005

mist typed again, down to the tablets i take

  dublincity 16:49 21 Jun 2005

I've run it on many systems for several months. The first edition slowed me down no end but the current version is ok. I don't like it in the start-up menu - it still slows the boot-up - but run it as and when. The first time I ran it - it found a lot of bugs not found by AVG, AdAware, Spybot etc.

  sunny staines 17:59 22 Jun 2005

The general invite password is BetaReq enter this to complete the survey, then subject to your answers you may get your beta copy.

  dublincity 04:35 23 Jun 2005

It can be downloaded free from here click here

  Taff36 07:18 23 Jun 2005

It seems to work pretty well. I have installed it on several friends computers over the last month and adjusted the settings regarding when it runs and checks for updates. Accept the obvious settings during install and tweak them afterwards. When it`s running a check of the system for example my laptop won`t do anything else quickly so I program it to run during the night. Similarly I manually look for updates.

I now rarely find much with either Spybot S&D or Adaware. So when the full (Free according to Uncle Bill) version is released at the end of July it may replace them. Note the beta version expires on 31 July.

  sunny staines 18:14 23 Jun 2005

i mistyped the original heading I was talking about the antivirus beta not the antispyware

  Taff36 21:35 23 Jun 2005

Followed your original link but we`re onto registration pages. How did you hear about this?

  Taff36 11:13 24 Jun 2005

click here How quickly Microsoft change their minds!

  sunny staines 17:51 24 Jun 2005

accept the certifcate in the dialogbox, then sign in using your microsoft passport number, enter the general password i have shown above, complete the survey, then then send you an id number then its a wait [i am still waiting].

many readers here sent off for the free beta of ms office 2003 and got free software for trying the beta [i was given full version of onenote 2003].

sorry for the confusion of the wrong title of this thread but i take powerful pain killers which effect my concentration etc

  dublincity 18:10 24 Jun 2005

......... antivirus beta?

Ah, I'll look into that - I thought the future package had been announced only recently and was expected to be expensive?

Is Uncle Bill expecting us to pay for protecting the rushed-out-in-a-hurry systems that he got wrong the first time around? !!

I find the BBC News Technology website better for breaking Microshaft news than all the 8 or 10 newsletters that I get put together.

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