MS AntiSpyware

  chrisliz 13:15 19 Apr 2005

I read the June mag with interest, particularly the feature on antispyware. I run Spybot 1.3 at the moment but decided to give the MS product a go as well. My problem is that it blocked the XP Firewall which wouldn't come up. I have therefore removed the MS AntiSpyware. What I can't find is if this product de facto contains a Firewall and if it does, is it better? It also zapped my scanner.

Chris Weston

  Yoda Knight 13:29 19 Apr 2005

Let me get this straight - Are you saying that MS AntiSpyware removed your scanner and firewall ??? :}

  ventanas 14:03 19 Apr 2005

No it doesn't contain a firewall, and there is no reason why it should have affected the one in XP, or caused any other problems. I'm running it on a number of pc's and think very highly of it. By scanner do you mean an image scanner or virus scanner.

  Meshuga 14:14 19 Apr 2005

As far as I am aware the MS antispyware is the same program as Giant Spyware which MS recently bought out. I have used Giant for ages and it`s never caused problems.

  gudgulf 15:21 19 Apr 2005

Me too......I tried it and tookout a subscription almost immediately.I have not had any issues or conflicts with this program (Giant that is).

  chrisliz 16:57 19 Apr 2005

Sorry folks, I need to reiterate; installing the MS AntiSpyware simply switched off the XP Firewall (the "Security Centre" was "unable to restore it from here" or somesuch) and it also disabled my (Visioneer image) scanner. I took it off, System Restored, and back they both came.
To anticipate the obvious comment... I run fully updated Norton and BT / Yahoo, all checks are clear.

  the old man 17:08 19 Apr 2005

I run MS antispyware with spybot, adaware, a-squared and zonealarm and have no problems whatsoever. Have you thought of disabling MS firewall and using something like ZA or similar.

  Buchan 35 20:37 19 Apr 2005

I`m the same as the old man and i`ve no problems. I do use Zone Alarm and perhaps thats what you should do

  CHAIRLEG 21:33 19 Apr 2005

I run ms antispyware and windows firewall,spybot,adaware,spyware blaster,a2,norton anti virus.All get along fine.

  chrisliz 23:05 19 Apr 2005

I am very happy for all those of you for whom all is well but no-one has addressed the central question of why MS AntiSpyware patently malfunctions for me. It now seems almost politically incorrect to reiterate that, in my particular case, it is a 100% useless product. (......before you start frothing, note the use of English carefully and yes I appreciate that statistically there is a wider picture)

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