MS Access XP. How can I print a blank Form

  wee eddie 18:15 13 Aug 2003

I am creating a data base of the applicants for part time jobs in my café.

I have created a form as a simpler way of entering the details, and would like to print out blank copies of this Form.

So that it may be filled in by the applicants.

I cant work out how to print blank forms. 3 would fit nicely to a page and could then be cut apart with my guillotine.

  Chris the Ancient 19:43 13 Aug 2003

Probably not the tidiest way... but what I do...

Make a copy of the form

Go to design view

Replace all the field boxes with an unbound text box.

Print the blank.



  wee eddie 20:59 13 Aug 2003

I'm getting lazy in my old age.

I was hoping that someone would be able to point out a magic button. I've tried all the print options that I can see, but it seems odd that one can't.

Alternatively, I can create the whole Form in Publisher, but it seems a bit wet so I'm going for the impossible option first.

  Chris the Ancient 21:08 13 Aug 2003

I wouldn't call my option impossible!

To make a copy, go to the reports tab and right click the original form. Select Copy
Click on a blank area, right click, Paste. Give the form a meaningful name.

Open that form in Design View.

In turn, open each of the text box field (not label) properties with a double click, and empty the box that says Source. The field will become unbound when you close the properties.

Switch to print preview to check.

Print as many as you need.



  wee eddie 21:59 13 Aug 2003

I had taken your idea on board and will use it if Access does not have a more direct solution.

MS seems to have so many bells and whistles and then you find that such a simple thing is not immediately available.

  Chris the Ancient 23:58 13 Aug 2003

Also sorry - been filling my face!

In the minds of the M$ whizz kids - they don't see the need for blank forms (I've used them so often as well) - so they don't seem to bother.

And that means fudges like I have to use.

Good luck with your database.


  wee eddie 21:49 14 Aug 2003

but didn't really like the look.

So I just banged an Application Form in Publisher, with the questions in the same position as the entry form.

Thanks for your time Chris

  Chris the Ancient 23:39 14 Aug 2003

Sorry, been stuffing my face...

You're welcome!

At least you gave it a try and found a solution you liked!


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