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  Sir Radfordin 21:43 10 Jul 2006

Brain has failed me...!

Am trying to put together a database for a small charity that is involved in running a couple of courses. They have a number of modules and students taking these modules get marks. Simple so far.

Have created tables with all the student information in, and then all the module information in.

What is the best way of recording which students take which modules and the marks they get?

Dealing with fairly small numbers (hundreds per year) so doesn't have to be efficient if it is effective.

  Woolwell 22:13 10 Jul 2006

I take it that you can only get one mark per module.
Working on this.

  Woolwell 22:50 10 Jul 2006

Create 3 tables
Student with 2 fields - Index - Student Name
Module with 2 fields - Index - Module Title
Marks with 4 fields - Index - Student (numerical) - Module (numerical) - Mark
Create a relationship one to many Student index to Student field in marks table and Module index to Module field in marks table
Fill in student name table and module table with names of students and all modules
Create a form based on marks table
Use a combo or list box to complete the student field and again for the module field
Create an entry box for the marks.
Create a query using all 3 tables - left hand column student name from student table (sort ascending) - next column module from module table - next column marks froms mark table.
Create a report based on this query and you can output student name which modules they took and their reports.
I think this is what you want. There may be better ways of doing this but I can e-mail a sample database to you if you want

  Belatucadrus 22:55 10 Jul 2006

Create a third table " Student marks " with about four fields. I'd use an autonumber as a report ID for primary key then a Student name field linked to the appropriate field in the Student data table, a Module field linked to its equivalent in the Module table. Making sure that the field properties are identical to those in the existing tables. Then another field to add marks and or comments. Not sure if you'd need to enforce referential integrity on the name and module fields or not, probably worth a try.

  Woolwell 22:59 10 Jul 2006

All of the index fields should ideally be autonumber and primary key

Good idea of yours to add a comments field

  Sir Radfordin 23:12 10 Jul 2006

Thanks...will engage my brain tomorrow and see if I can get something suggested working. Will let you know!

  Belatucadrus 23:19 10 Jul 2006

I did a database for our local school as my HND project. In the relevant part, they had Name, Module, Pass/Fail tick box and a comments field. Done to their design so yes, good idea, unfortunately not mine.

  Woolwell 13:15 11 Jul 2006

You probably need to add a date field for when the module was taken.

  Sir Radfordin 17:42 11 Jul 2006

Thanks - that seems to have worked.

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